The Unite Scholars Mentorship Program is UNDERWAY

In 2018 we launched our new UNITE SCHOLARS MENTOR program to provide additional support for our Unite Scholars who are now in university. Our team of trained and dedicated MENTORS are paired with our Scholars to help develop their creative & independent thinking as well as to teach them the essentials “soft skills” of professionalism necessary for success over time (e.g. effective oral and written communication skills, time management, presentation & personal branding, interpersonal skills, self confidence, how to interview and behave on the job, etc.). We believe in each and every one of our Unite Scholars and are committed to helping them maximize their potentials so that they may grow into leaders with the knowledge, talent, connections, and sustained commitment necessary to source solutions to challenges facing their communities and help shape the future of the African continent.

OUR Goal: TO Educate, mentor, empower and prepare
extraordinary Tanzanian youth to become global change agents.

Elements of the program include:

  • Ongoing communications and monthly meetings with their Mentors.

  • Working through our Unite Scholars Mentorship/Professional Development Curriculum as Mentor/Scholar pairs and in group settings.

  • Speaking series by with local professionals (experts in their fields).

  • Site visits to see and learn more about the work of local companies, hospitals, NGOs and businesses.

  • Meetings and networking opportunities with other scholars, mentors, international and local businesses and advisors.

  • Annual “Ted Talk Style” symposiums during which Scholars are invited to present about a topic of their choice to an international audiences.

Above: Mentor Rhoda Lugazia with Scholars Marystella Justine (business) and Winnifrida Gaspar (business); Advisor Anty Marche with Scholar Hosiana Thomas at the Tengeru Institute for Community Development; Mentor Dr. Raymond Mgeni with Godfrey Saitoti (medicine & surgery); Mentor Joan Mnzanva with Scholar Agnes Crispin (business); Mentor Joan Mnzanva with Scholar Simon Daniel (IT) and Scholar Genes Benedicte (Education); Mentor Dr. Raymond Mgeni with Scholar Jackson Daniel (medicine) and Scholar Douglas Fortunatus (Computer Engineering).