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When faced with the extreme and widespread challenges of the day, there is only one way forward:
We must UNITE. We must band together, cross barriers and borders seen and unseen, 
and connect with those we believe to be "the other." As we sit idly by and watch the suffering and horror escalate
in nearly every corner of our world,




-Anne Wells, Unite Founder & Director

We believe

  • That through generous, courageous and selfless service, we all have the capacity to make a difference.

  • In Effective Altruism, focusing on the most effective solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

  • In the fight to end oppression and create social justice, opportunity, dignity and hope for all.

  • In sowing seeds of freedom, understanding, compassion, responsibility and unity.

  • In supporting entrepreneurship, independence and self-sufficiency.

  • In asking questions, LISTENING carefully, and doing everything possible to ensure, above all else, we do no harm.

  • That apathy, non action and denial are the greatest threats to our planet today.

Unite's role is tO:

  • Identify, vet and approve partner grantee programs and projects in Tanzania.

  • Conduct needs assessments in partnership with local leadership.

  • With our Tanzanian partners, create a mutually-agreed-upon set of "rules of engagement" to help guide and direct communications, project plans, deliverables, etc.

  • Communicate effectively those needs and strategic solutions to existing and potential donors in America.

  • Provide funds as well as ongoing support, assistance and professional development and coaching to our partners in Tanzania as we work together to address need.

  • Ensure donor funds are allocated and managed properly and transparently.

  • Report back to donors with news of progress and impact.

  • Evaluate the short- and long-term impact of our investments, consistently examine the consequences of our actions, and re-evaluate or shift as needed to accommodate local challenges and be ready to change directions to ensure maximum impact and greatest outcomes over time.

  • Whenever possible and appropriate, empower grantees to become self-sufficient through the provision and advancement of income-generating projects and, if necessary, access to a wider international audience.