Unite has been working with Future Stars Academy in Northern Tanzania over the years by providing necessary sports equipment (balls, pumps, uniforms, sneakers) as well as by placing short- and long-term volunteers to assist with coaching and program development.

Founded in 2009, Future Stars Academy is a pioneer program in East Africa that provides a combination of qualitative soccer training, coaching courses and organized tournaments for youth. Future Stars not only provides a safe and productive option for impoverished youth, most of whom would otherwise have no place to go after school or on the weekends, but they are supporting the physical and emotional health of these marginalized children.

Future Stars founder and director Alfred Itaeli serves as an Advisor to our Unite Scholars Program, assisting with the identification of qualified candidates for our program as well as with curriculum development and execution.

In the spring of 2018 Darien High School student in Connecticut Ellen Harnish conducted a drive to collect uniforms for Future Stars to enable more children to participate in tournament play. She collected more than 100 uniforms and additional phinneys, sneakers, balls and pumps. Unite has partnered with Amefricargo Express LLC to ship the hundreds of pounds of supplies to Tanzania via container ship.

Currently, Unite is partnering with CT-based athletic organization the RUNNIN REBELS to collect sneakers and balls to ship to Tanzania for the children of Future Stars.

Ellen Harnish demonstrates the power of one person to change the world.

Ellen Harnish demonstrates the power of one person to change the world.