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Eye exam. $5 each. Request 49.
Dental exam. $15 each. Request 49.
Fruits & vegetables: $75 a month
Chickens for eggs. $15 each. Request 50.
New school uniforms & shoes. $40 each. Request 19.
Backpacks and school supplies for a year. $75 each. Request 48.
Laptops for university students. $400 each. Request 5.
Christmas Dinner for the entire SJO Family: $250

WATER: To drill the borehole and install the pump, piping, and raised tanks we need to raise $30,000. Leopard Tours Foundation in Tanzania has committed to paying half these costs and to acting as project manager to oversee and protect the investment. We received a $5,000 grant from the Mckee family in Massachusetts and are now working to raise the $10,000 balance for this critical campaign. Once water is owing, the landscape below will drastically change. In partnership with Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Program, the children of SJO and Heaven will engage in a widespread tree-planting campaigns to “green” the area, preventing further soil erosion, providing shade and fruit treess and planting vegetable and herb gardens. Where there is water, there can be life, and with an abundance of water, we will be able to serve not only the SJO/Heaven surrounding villages in need as well.