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The Sega Girls School is a residential secondary school in Morogoro, Tanzania, that serve bright motivated girls who had previously dropped from school due to poverty, pregnancy and/or other extreme circumstances. Sega offers these girls a second chance at life and an opportunity for a top-tier education.

Unite has been working with Sega since 2009. We have conducted on-site First Aid and basic lifesaving trainings. We have secured many student sponsorships. We raised the funds to help launch a business education program through which the girls learn how to start, run and grow school businesses, which ultimately creates an income to help the school attain self-sufficiency AND is better equipping these girls for life after secondary school. The program is teaching the students entrepreneurial skills through hands-on experience running an on-campus store; various trades to make new products for their store (including baked goods, hand-sewn items, and furniture and crafts made from recycled materials); and about savings and loans and how to manage money. While Sega is providing these at-risk, marginalized girls a top-quality education, employment opportunities are scarce in Tanzania and knowing how to be innovative and entrepreneurial to become financially independent is critical to one’s survival and, if desired, one’s ability to delay marriage and pregnancy. Unite is hoping to one day send students from the Heaven Primary School in northern Tanzania to Sega Secondary School in central Tanzania (the Morogoro district) to ensure they receive the best education and opportunities possible to help ensure success in their lives.