Hike for Heaven

On June 15, 2017, David Wells, Steve Stafford, Steve Ho and David Doherty set off on a week-long climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak at 19,341 feet, in efforts to raise funds and awareness for Unite's work to build out the Heaven Primary School in northern Tanzania and provide a quality education to more than 500 children in need. To help them reach their combined fundraising goal of $100,000, dozens of individuals across America came together to support their efforts that the giving levels outlined below: 

Kipepeo (butterfly)
Up to $99

Twiga (giraffe)
$100 - $249

Nyati (buffalo)
$250 - $499

Chui (leopard)

Simba (lion)

Tembo (elephant)
$5,000 and higher

david head.jpg

david wells

David is a partner in the Transaction Advisory Services group of EY based in New York City. He is also a founder, Board member and treasurer of Unite The World With Africa Foundation. David lives in Westport, CT, with his wife Anne and their three daughters, Katharine (12),  Harriertt (14) and Lila (16).

I had a milestone birthday in December and decided it was time to chase my dream of climbing one of the world’s highest peaks -- but climbing just to check the box did not get me off the couch. Tying this herculean effort to service and support of at-risk kids in Tanzania became my inspiration.  We have a chance to grow Unite’s work and expand and make sustainable a top-quality school at the base of Kilimanjaro for tomorrow’s leaders.  Walk with me as I unplug from the world, immerse myself in nature, don’t shower for 7 days, push myself to the limit and pop altitude pills like they are candy– we can use the company! 

Steve Stafford

Steve is a partner in the Transaction Advisory Services group of EY based in New York City.  He lives in Larchmont, NY, with his wife Jill and his daughters, ages 12 and 16, and his 18 year-old son who attends the University of Notre Dame.

I have always enjoyed challenges that involve supportive teams, physical endurance and mental toughness, and climbing Kilimanjaro will be strong test of all three. I also find that these challenges are enhanced when working for a good cause, and supporting Unite’s efforts to provide education, healthcare and opportunities for at-risk women and children is a great motivator and unifying cause. I love the comradery of these endeavors and am so excited to be walking with this group of friends and continuing to support Unite following our climb. I appreciate the support and thoughts of the extended community who are with us in spirit (but don’t have to smell David not showering for 7 days).
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Steve Ho

Steve is a senior manager in EY’s Transaction Advisory Services group based in New York City. Steve is heavily involved in his church’s youth group and for years has been going on annual mission trips as a chaperone across different areas of the U.S. Steve lives in Manhattan.

When I was approached me with an opportunity to take on this challenge, which would not only push me personally but also raise awareness and funding for Unite,I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I’ve been on a number of mission trips within the United States but haven’t had a chance to do something quite like this (nor have I ever been to Africa). Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro will truly be a test, and I’m excited to do it with three great friends who I’ve already warned may have to carry me to the peak! I appreciate all of your support and invite you all to join me on my seven day hike without Internet, indoor plumbing or fast food!


David Patrick Doherty

David is an Assistant Director in EY’s Transaction Advisory Services group in Ireland. David lives in Dublin with his wife Martina and their 3-year-old daughter Orlaith.

I am really excited to set foot on the African continent for the first time in my life and take on the challenge of summiting Kilimanjaro. It is a privilege to embark on this test with great friends in the name of Unite and their efforts to make a real difference by providing quality education and healthcare to children in Tanzania. By taking part in such a great life experience for such a worthy cause, I hope I play a small part in helping expand Unite's positive impact – one which deserves to grow. In addition, 7 days at high altitude listening to the history of the St Louis Cardinals and New York Mets from life-long fans will only add to the test – one I am ready to take. Wish me luck!


Photo by Francesco Pierre-Nina

Photo by Francesco Pierre-Nina

To date, the following individuals gave support of this Hike For Heaven campaign:

Serena and Marcos Alvarado (Twiga)
Colleen Amarsakis (Twiga)
Richard Anderson (Twiga)
Leila Araiche (Chui)
Jennifer Arnolie (Simba)
Regina Balderas (Twiga)
Carolyn Barr (Chui)
Jeff Barry (Nyati)
Michael Bayer (Tembo)
Grace Bender (Kipepeo)
Andrew Blumenstock (Twiga)
Mitch Berlin (Simba)
H.A. Boerstling (Twiga)
David Bonito (Nyati)
Alex Brackett (Twiga)
Veta Brown (Kipepeo)
Dr. Tom and Josephine Brunoski (Nyati)
Kathryn Carter (Simba)
Annie Celander (Kipepeo)
Ron Charles (Twiga)
Alexa Claybon (Chui)
Matt Craig (Kipepeo)
Kim & Rick Crosby (Chui)
Forrest Daniels (Kipepeo)
Nathanial Dean (Kipepeo)
Peter Dobbin (Twiga)
Jim Dormer (Nyati)
Joanne Dunbar (Simba)
David Fitzgerald (Twiga)
Elizabeth Foster (Twiga)
RoseMary & Dan Fuss (Tembo)
Laura Galasso (Twiga)
David Gerber (Twiga)
David Gunderson (Twiga)
David Hartley (Kipepeo)
Chrysse Haynes (Twiga)
Scott Hes (Kipepeo)
Trisha Ho (Twiga)
John Ho (Twiga)
Barbara Hoe (Nyati)
Mary & Brad Hohenberg (Twiga)
Lawrence Hubinont (Kipepeo)
Jennifer Knoesel (Kipepeo)
Fred Kuntzman (Kipepeo)
Bill Lederer (Chui)
Phillippe Leroy (Chui)
Michael Mayone (Nyati)
Goyal Mayor (Twiga)
John Meany (Chui)
Chris Micallef (Nyati)
Richard Mills (Nyati)
Geoffrey Miss (Nyati)
Francis Nemia (Kipepeo)
James Newlands (Twiga)
Dayton Nordin (Nyati)
Russ Osterman (Twiga)
William Pannell (Twiga)
John Perna (Nyati)
Jean-Briac Perrette (Chui)
Ben Pianka (Twiga)
Michael Piper (Simba)
Matt Posta (Chui)
Patrick Quay (Nyati)
Marc Rabinowitz (Nyati)
Briana Richards (Nyati)
Bob Ruckh (Chui)
Stephanie & Dave Rudd (Nyati)
Taylor Ryan (Chui)
Shawn Ryan (Nyati)
Tara Savage (Chui)
Alexander Shahidi (Nyati)
John Simkiss (Chui)
Deborah Sloane (Twiga)
Janice Smith (Kipepeo)
Chris Smyth (Chui)
Mahlon Stewart (Chui)
Eric Taubenheim (Twiga)
Devika Thyagaraj (Twiga)
Iwan Van der Vinne (Kipepeo)
Lynne Brady Wagner (Twiga)
Jeff Wells (Nyati)
Sarah Yort (Kipepeo)
Hye Yu (Nyati)
Michael Zambito (Nyati)
David & Anne Wells (Tembo)
Debbie Wiley (Simba)
Heather Willis (Kipepeo)