About Our UNITE SCHOLARS Program

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.

~Mary Oliver, The Summer Day



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Educating, mentoring, empowering & preparing extraordinary Tanzanian youth to become global change agents.




To break the vicious cycle of poverty, oppression & wasted human potential by empowering uniquely talented-yet-impoverished youth across Tanzania with access to quality education through A-Levels, and through our engaged team of international advisors and mentors nurture creative & independent thinking and the development of personal and professional life skills necessary for success as active, engaged & productive global citizens.


  • Sub-Saharan Africa has the largest number (202 million) of children & adolescents on Earth who are in school but not learning the fundamental subjects of reading and math, with nearly 9 out of 10 between the ages of ~6 and 14 not meeting minimum proficiency levels.

  • Of those who complete primary education (~elementary school in the USA) in Tanzania, only 10% each year continue on to secondary school (~middle & high school in the USA), giving Tanzania the lowest secondary enrollment rate in Africa.

  • Only 0.7% of students in Tanzania ever even enroll in tertiary (higher) education.

  • Of those who are able to complete their studies, there exists a widespread challenge of being unprepared & unequipped to engage successfully in high-level and/or international professional environments.


  1. SEARCH the entire country of Tanzania through the combined expansive network of our ADVISORS and growing world of Unite contacts;

  2. IDENTIFY & VET extraordinary and uniquely talented youth who meet our strict qualification criteria;

  3. MATCH scholars with donors & underwriters (connecting fields of study and expertise whenever possible);

  4. SUPPORT our scholars’ academic, personal & professional growth & development by pairing them with high performing MENTORS who then engage in regular communications & hands-on guidance and coaching;

  5. ENCOURAGE our scholars to think independently, to examine & question societal norms, to advocate for themselves & others, and to develop their own solutions to life’s challenges;

  6. REQUIRE our scholars to remain in high academic standing, meet our strict reporting requirements, and participate in a Unite Scholars Symposium during which they will present their ideas and visions through published articles and oral presentations to an international audience.

  7. INVITE our successful scholars to become mentors themselves to further grow and expand this cycle of empowerment, helping upcoming students to envision, manifest & achieve their BIG DREAMS;

  8. WALK with our scholars throughout their journeys as they strive to become the great leaders & change agents of tomorrow.


Sources: UNESCO; Girls Education Collaborative; Pambazuka; Nation Master