About Our UNITE SCHOLARS Program

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.

~Mary Oliver, The Summer Day



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Educating, mentoring, empowering & preparing extraordinary Tanzanian youth to become global change agents.




To break the vicious cycle of poverty, oppression & wasted human potential by empowering uniquely talented-yet-impoverished youth across Tanzania with access to quality education through university, and through our engaged team of international advisors and mentors nurture creative & independent thinking and the development of personal and professional life skills necessary for success as active, engaged & productive global citizens.


  • Sub-Saharan Africa has the largest number (202 million) of children & adolescents on Earth who are in school but not learning the fundamental subjects of reading and math, with nearly 9 out of 10 between the ages of ~6 and 14 not meeting minimum proficiency levels.
  • Of those who complete primary education (~elementary school in the USA) in Tanzania, only 10% each year continue on to secondary school (~middle & high school in the USA), giving Tanzania the lowest secondary enrollment rate in Africa.
  • Only 0.7% of students in Tanzania ever even enroll in tertiary (higher) education.
  • Of those who are able to complete their studies, there exists a widespread challenge of being unprepared & unequipped to engage successfully in high-level and/or international professional environments.


  1. SEARCH the entire country of Tanzania through the combined expansive network of our ADVISORS and growing world of Unite contacts;
  2. IDENTIFY & VET extraordinary and uniquely talented youth who meet our strict qualification criteria;
  3. MATCH scholars with donors & underwriters (connecting fields of study and expertise whenever possible);
  4. SUPPORT our scholars’ academic, personal & professional growth & development by pairing them with high performing MENTORS who then engage in regular communications & hands-on guidance and coaching;
  5. ENCOURAGE our scholars to think independently, to examine & question societal norms, to advocate for themselves & others, and to develop their own solutions to life’s challenges;
  6. REQUIRE our scholars to remain in high academic standing, meet our strict reporting requirements, and submit an annual “challenge project,” designed to foster creative & analytical thinking by applying key learnings from their studies to the greater world around them;
  7. INVITE our successful scholars to become mentors themselves to further grow and expand this cycle of empowerment, helping upcoming students to envision, manifest & achieve their BIG DREAMS;
  8. WALK with our scholars throughout their journeys as they strive to become the great leaders & change agents of tomorrow.


Sources: UNESCO; Girls Education Collaborative; Pambazuka; Nation Master